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    CSG Invests RMB 560 Million to Upgrade Power Grids in Huanjiang
    Lifting Maonan Minority Out of Poverty

    信息來源:公司網站  發布時間2020-05-29

    Huanjiang, Guangxi - The Maonan ethnic group is among China's 28 ethnic minorities but sports one of the nation’s smallest population.
    As China's only Maonan Autonomous County, Huanjiang is among the 20 extremely impoverished counties in Guangxi Province and one of the key state-supported regions.
    In an effort to support on-going efforts of poverty elimination, China Southern Power Grid continues to increase its investment by expanding its power grids. Altogether, the Company has spent RMB 43.46 billion on rural power grids in Guangxi and in Year 2019, CSG invested RMB 15 billion in rural grids, ensuring available electrical power to all needy households and villages.
    Since the adoption of the Third Five-Year Plan, China Southern Power Grid has allocated more than RMB 560 million to upgrade existing power grids in Huanjiang County which spans 577 projects in 76 impoverished villages. The quality of power supplies to the Maonan people has improved in many ways:
    ·The reliability rate of power supply increased from 98.93% in Year 2016 to 99.81% throughout Year 2019;
    ·Challenges such as overload and low voltage in poor villages were remedied, and
    ·Power voltage levels in all disadvantaged villages, mountainous areas and other remote regions now meets the national standards.
    Plans call for CSG to invest RMB 889 million in Huanjiang County during the Years 2020-2025 in 1,328 grid projects, with an additional RMB 32.53 million for 132 grid construction projects in Year 2020 and one new 35 kV substation.
    These projects are expected to meet the Maonan people's need for dependable electricity services after assisting the population to move out of poverty … providing all Maonan people with new opportunities coming from reliable electricity services available to all Chinese ethnic groups.